About us

Every day, we help roofing contractors simplify and save on their workers' compensation insurance.

We're direct

We offer cost savings without sacrificing service or coverage. Buying direct cuts out the middleman and allows for savings up to 15%. It's that simple. 

We removed the independent agent and offer uncommon conveniences to give business owners a more efficient way to manage their time, coverage, costs, and outcomes.

We're experts

We’re bringing California Roofing Companies an alternative to reducing one of your largest business costs. Our claims team has years of experience working with the complex claims for California roofers.

We're obsessed with better

We're a partner who's always thinking about business owners and how to minimize risk and maximize their bottom line. From coverage to convenience, our team is always focused on improving our customer's experience.

The Intrepid Direct difference

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Simplify the way you protect your people.

Roofing is a dangerous job. Workers' Compensation Insurance reduces your liability for, and gives benefits to, employees who get injured from a work-related cause. It includes disability benefits, missed wage replacement, and death benefits.

A workers' comp policy with Intrepid Direct covers the risk your business faces due to injuries by one simple, reliable, and affordable plan. 

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BuilderTrend is proud to partner with Intrepid Direct to help California roofing contractors save money on workers' compensation insurance.