Complete, customizable coverage

And did we mention convenient? Our bundled approach to coverage speeds up quoting, minimizes paperwork, and maximizes the response when you need us most. We start with your brand-specific FDD. Then, we work with you and your data to fine-tune one simple, yet specific, reliable, and affordable plan.

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Coverage for your building, inventory, equipment & more.

Protects the structure itself, the inventory inside, your equipment and even your business income when damaged or lost after fires, downed power lines, tornadoes, thefts and more.

We offer franchisees the option to "blanket" their property coverage. And, while most insurance companies take whatever limit is on your current policy and copy it over to your future one, we evaluate your property limit each year by referencing your brand-specific FDD, your data, and the average property values of all brand locations across the country. This way, you don't have to worry about being under- or over-insured. 


General Liability

Protection for you and your business against the odd and the unexpected.

Costs associated with property damage, bodily injury and more if a customer, supplier, or other makes a claim against your product or service.

If you want to go above-and-beyond your franchisor requirements, we offer extensions and add-ons. If you prefer to "up" your limit, or if your brand requires Cyber coverage for example, we can do that.

Speaking of Cyber, we offer coverage to assist with the costs associated with first and third party claims (with regulatory proceedings) related to cyber-criminal activity, as well as ransom.



Extra protection in case you're held liable for a serious injury or accident.

You could think of an umbrella policy as an extension of your general and auto liability policies. It covers the same basic things, but provides an additional limit in the event you need it.

More often than not, clients find our umbrella rates to be lower than those of our competitors. Why? Because our team is underwriting it and it's underlying policies. Oftentimes, general liability, auto, and umbrella policies are sold separately through separate insurers. Because of this, umbrella rates can be padded to protect against unknown underwriting risk. So, with no third parties in our equation, we don't need to mark up your rate to cover the third-party risk. 


Workers' Compensation

Takes care of your most valuable assets in the event they are injured on the job.

Lost wages and medical benefits for both you and your employees due to workplace injuries and illnesses.

It's not only our responsibility to insure your business, but to help you manage the costs of doing so. We offer telemedicine services through MedCall Advisors - a 24/7 hotline that can triage incidents, perform post-injury drug screenings, can prescribe medication, and will file the first notice of loss documentation on your behalf. 



(including Hired & Non-owned)

Insures the vehicles your business needs in order to operate.  

Comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage for company-owned vehicles in addition to legal liability for property damage or bodily injury in at-fault accidents involving employee-owned vehicles used while on the job.

Delivery is your bread and butter (no pun intended), and that's why we've made covering it ours. Intrepid Direct's auto policy provides liability coverage for hired and non-owned vehicles, the people operating them, and the damage they may cause should something happen when an employee is performing work duties. 


Employment Practices Liability

Defends against suits related to personnel management, peer, or customer disputes. 

Wrongful termination, wage & hour disputes, discrimination, and sexual harassment are all covered under our EPL policy. 

Many policies on the marketplace are segmented, riddled with loopholes (like attorney fees) and low limits. This policy is packaged to cover all of your major risks — and costs — associated with employment practices. 

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Measure what matters — and save

Using telematics to track and incentivize good driving behaviors can reduce the likelihood of an accident by as much as 450 times. That's a pretty big deal when you're talking about keeping our friends, families, and communities safer. So as a "thank you," we offer deep savings on Hired & Non-owned Automobile rates for those currently enrolled. 

Interested in adding telematics to your delivery operation? Contact us to learn more.

About us

Every day, we help franchise owners simplify and save on their business insurance.

We're direct

We offer cost savings without sacrificing service or coverage. Buying direct cuts out the middleman and allows for savings up to 20%. It's that simple. 

We're experts

We're the only insurance provider specializing in the franchise business model. Our deep knowledge of the brands we serve means we can solve for the unique challenges our clients face.

We're obsessed with better

We're a partner who's always thinking about owners minimize risk and maximize the bottom line. From coverage to convenience, our minds are always on the move for clients. 

The Direct Difference

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Don't choose between price and quality

When you work with Intrepid Direct, you work directly with your insurance provider. The result? A streamlined experience. That means easier applications, faster quotes, smoother claims handling, and lower prices.

Highly Recommended

Over 50% of our new business comes by way of referral from another franchisee.

No introductory pricing

Our direct model allows us to keep your premiums competitive year-over-year. This way, we can build on our relationship vs. your rate.

Connections that count

We're licensed in all 50 states and insure 10,000+ locations across the U.S.

We keep our promises

AM Best gives our insurance an A+ (Superior) rating, which means we're top-rated when it comes to our ability to pay claims in a timely manner.

"In it" for the long haul

As a member company of Fortune 500 (W. R. Berkley Corp.), we're not a fly-by-night insurer. We've got the financial pedigree to stick by your side today and for years to come.

Repeat clients

Turns out, business owners like what we have to offer. 93% of our clients renew year-over-year.

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